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Get help to reach your financial recovery

You know the frustration of living paycheck to paycheck. It gets even worse when that isn't enough to keep the proverbial wolves from knocking at your door. When you call the Law Office of Shari Lee Smith, you can count on receiving solid legal advice on the best way for you to proceed down your road to financial recovery.

Simply put, Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of two standard avenues that individuals and families can use to get relief from their outstanding debt. This option is available to those that may not qualify for a Chapter 13 filing. It is also an option for those that have no money beyond their regular living expenses to try and pay their debts.

What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

While this is an option that people can take to try and get out of debt, there are a few more limitations. There is no repayment plan available as there is with a Chapter 13 filing. And while Chapter 7 will allow you to discharge personal liability on most credit card debt, it will not allow you to restructure secured debt, repay taxes, catch up on past-due auto and house payments, or deal with other problem debts.

There are things that Chapter 7 does not allow

Enjoy the convenience of not having to pay advanced attorney's fees. We also provide payment plans to make things easier for you.

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